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We stock white 'Sqaure Form' 610mm wide bench tops in lengths of 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 & 3.6m and we can trim them for you. We offer a custom laminated and solid timber benchtop service to your plans in the styles below. See benchtop plan drawing at the end of the page as a guide.

Laminated Benchtops - to order from your plan


Round edge - A traditional standard profile is post-formed 180 or 90 degrees with a radius of 12.5mm. Manufactured on 32mm HMR Particle Board.

Round edge postformed 180 degrees

Postformed 180 degrees

Classic profile

Classic profile


This tighter edge is similar to the standard profile and post-formed 180 degrees with a reduction in radius to 10mm. Manufactured on 32mm HMR Particle Board.

Classic profile

Classic Profile

Round edge postformed 90 degrees

Postformed 90 degrees


Tight Form - This is an even tighter profile, post-formed 180 degrees with the radius reduced to just 6mm. Manufactured on 32mm HMR Particle board.

*Not all laminates will accomaodate this radius


Tight form Tight form profile

Square Profiles

These extraordinarily durable worktops offer the tightest radius, with a new-look elegant square-edge finish. Their clean stylish lines work well in a host of applications, and also offer intelligent design features to withstand the toughest environments such as anti-drip features, special PUR adhesive sealant and sealed melamine backing.

The Quadra-Edge worktop offers the sophisticated square look and unique anti-drip features.



Quadra edge

Quadra edge profile

Squareform – 32mm substrate

Square form

Square form profile

Squareform – 38mm substrate

Square Edge / Timber Edge

Square edge profile

Square edge – 32mm substrate


Square edge Square edge PVC profile

Square edge – 32mm substrate (PVC)

Timber Edged -Standard, 90°, 180° Bullnose

Timber edge bullnose 90 degree profile Timber edge bullnose 90 degree profile Timber edge bullnose 180 degree profile

Solid Timber Tops - polyurethane finished and unfinished

Plan Sample


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