We stock white ‘Square Form’ 610mm wide bench tops in lengths of 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 & 3.6m and we can trim them for you. We offer a custom laminated and solid timber benchtop service to your plans in the styles below. See benchtop plan drawing at the end of the page as a guide.

Laminated Benchtops – to order from your plan

Classic profile

This tighter edge is similar to the standard profile and post-formed 180 degrees with a reduction in radius to 10mm. Manufactured on 32mm HMR Particle Board.

Round edge – A traditional standard profile is post-formed 180 or 90 degrees with a radius of 12.5mm. Manufactured on 32mm HMR Particle Board.

Postformed 180 degrees

Postformed 90 degrees


Tight Form – This is an even tighter profile, post-formed 180 degrees with the radius reduced to just 6mm. Manufactured on 32mm HMR Particle board.

*Not all laminates will accommodate this radius

Square Profiles

These extraordinarily durable worktops offer the tightest radius, with a new-look elegant square-edge finish. Their clean stylish lines work well in a host of applications, and also offer intelligent design features to withstand the toughest environments such as anti-drip features, special PUR adhesive sealant and sealed melamine backing.

The Quadra-Edge worktop offers the sophisticated square look and unique anti-drip features.

Squareform – 32mm substrate

Squareform – 38mm substrate

Square Edge / Timber Edge

Square edge – 32mm substrate

Square edge – 32mm substrate (PVC)